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would be anybody that missed Saturday night’s show at Shakespeares. A wonderful evening in the company of Tomorrow We Sail, The Listeners and Idiot Son who performed three beautiful sets. Big thanks to all of them and all of you who were there too.

We’re back in the Bard’s Bar on Saturday April 25th for our usual last Saturday of the month show. We’ll be joined by Tom Baxendale, House Of Charms, The Clear and Anytown. Keep an eye on the Gigs page for details, a full preview will be up shortly. We might see you there too?

WWP 28.03.15

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might be a word heard more often in America, but it could certainly be applied to a whole evening of live music as happened in Sheffield last night at The Greystones. A more than wonderful evening was had in the company of Kelley McRae & Matt Castelein, Josh Harty and M&J Blues. Big thanks to them and all who were there to enjoy it with us, i think it’s safe to say you did. Lots of happy faces and nice comments.

We’ll be back at The Greystones on June 10th with John Statz (details here). We’ve several shows at Shakespeares before then though, starting tomorrow Saturday March 28th. Joining us in the Bard’s Bar will be Tomorrow We Sail, The Listeners and Idiot Son. Full details for this show can be found here. Maybe we’ll see you there?

WWP 26.03.15

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if you missed out on Thursday. We had a fine time in the company of Good Luck Mountain and Jack Harris at Shakespeares. Big thanks go to them and all who joined us. We’re back in the Bard’s Bar in our regular last Saturday of the month slot on March 28th. Tomorrow We Sail, The Listeners and Idiot Son will be there to treat your ears. Full details for this show can be found by clicking here.

Before then however we return to The Greystones on Thursday March 26th with an all American double bill of Josh Harty and Kelley McRae. Plus we have M&J Blues opening the show too. Advance tickets priced at £7 are available from the venue (12-6pm) and on our WeGotTickets page: http://www.wegottickets.com/wagonwheelpresents A full preview for this show can be found by clicking here. See you then?

WWP 05.03.15

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So since we last updated you here on what we have to come in 2015, we’ve added a bunch of new shows to the gig list and it’s looking rather tasty indeed. Brand new names to the WagonWheel Presents… stage include Cale Tyson, Paul McClure, Luke Whittemore and Broken Flowers. Confirmed for a June return are Canada’s Good Lovelies, whilst Stiv Cantarelli & The Silent Strangers visit again in May. We also welcome back M&J Blues, The Rainy Day Club, Canyon Family, Ian Bramall, The Clench, The Fargo Railroad Co., Roaming Son and Boss Caine.

That all leaves our current schedule looking like this:

  • Big Convoy + Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers + Micky Denny @ Shakespeares, Saturday February 28th
  • Good Luck Mountain + Jack Harris @ Shakespeares, Thursday March 5th
  • Josh Harty + Kelley McRae duo + M&J Blues @ The Greystones, Thursday March 26th
  • Tomorrow We Sail + Idiot Son + The Listeners @ Shakespeares, Saturday March 28th
  • The Rainy Day Club @ Shakespeares, Saturday April 25th
  • Cale Tyson + Canyon Family + Luke Whittemore @ Shakespeares, Wednesday May 6th
  • Stiv Cantarelli & The Silent Strangers @ Shakespeares, Friday May 22nd
  • Roger Davies + Ian Bramall @ Shakespeares, Saturday May 30th
  • John Statz @ The Greystones, Wednesday June 10th
  • Good Lovelies + Paul McClure @ The Greystones, Thursday June 25th
  • The Clench + The Fargo Railroad Co. + Broken Flowers @ Shakespeares, Saturday June 27th
  • Roaming Son + Boss Caine @ The Greystones, Friday July 10th

Click on the Gigs page for more details. Advance tickets for all shows are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/wagonwheelpresents. Prices are always more on the door.

There’ll be much more to come later in the year too, keep an eye out for new dates with Otis Gibbs, Wild Ponies, The Black Thunder Revue and perhaps a Tramlines show as well…


New Shows

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thanks to all who came out to our Tramlines show at Shakespeares yesterday, especially of course The Lucky Strikes, The Nøse, Mike Hughes, Grassoline, Paul Littlewood, Tomorrow We Sail, David J. Roch, Quiet Loner, Ash Gray, M.G. Boulter, Neil McSweeney, Tom Baxendale and Jacob Fletcher. We enjoyed that a lot.

We’re back in the Bard’s Bar at the end of August. We’ve got a bunch of new shows in the works, details of what has been confirmed so far can be found here on our Gigs page. Maybe we’ll see you at one of them.

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On Saturday March 28th, WagonWheel Presents… brings another fantastic triple bill to the Shakespeares stage. Tomorrow We Sail return as part of their latest tour after a fantastic Tramlines performance last year, we welcome back The Listeners following their stunning trio show in September, and finally set to release their long, long awaited second album, we’ll also be joined by Idiot Son. Advance tickets priced at £4 are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/302564 or entry on the night will be £5. Doors open 8pm.



Tomorrow We Sail

Tomorrow We Sail is a group of seven musicians, based in Leeds, UK. Formed in 2009 they have spent the past four years developing their sound into what is now a vast landscape of billowing, reverb-soaked guitars, orchestral strings, piano, organ and multi-layered vocals.

Folk, slowcore, neo-classicism, minimalism, ambience, and post-rock are all apparent in the vast and winding soundscapes Tomorrow We Sail create. The music is slow-burning, creeping quietly into consciousness, the sonic-terrain covered ensures the listener is held through a constantly moving orchestrated cavern of sound with earnest melodies and harmonies drifting and falling all around.

After self-releasing their debut EP, ‘The Common Fire’, in 2010, the band retreated back to their studio to further develop and refine their sound as their line-up evolved, enabling the band to incorporate an ever expanding roster of instruments. With the line-up solidified, the band released two singles, ‘The White Rose’ in November 2011, followed by ‘For Rosa’ in May 2012.

October 2012 saw Tomorrow We Sail embark on their first tour of the UK & EU, playing both headline shows and supports with bands such as Caspian, Last Harbour and Ef, culminating in an appearance at the The London International Festival of Exploratory Music at Kings Place.

Over the past three summers, Tomorrow We Sail have taken to the stage at festivals across the UK, including Kendal Calling, Tramlines, Sheep Music, Landed & Galtres, as well as contributing tracks to the independent feature film ‘Broken Roads’, released in September 2012 in cinemas across the US and winner of Best Motion Picture and Best Director at the American International Film Awards.

The band their debut album ‘For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight’ in February 2014 on Gizeh Records.

We saw these guys for the first time at the Strangeforms festival in their native Leeds in April and to say they blew us away is an understatement. Combining old English folk vocals with strings driven post rock they were simply breathtaking.” The Guardian




The Listeners

“Tell them I came, and no one answered. That I kept my word”

From ‘The Listeners’, by Walter de la Mare.

The Listeners is Emma Thorpe – on her own or with her collaborators. She sings in cinematic detail from a small town on the North Nottinghamshire borders.

Thorpe was born into music – her mother taught her to finger-pick, introducing her to the music of PJ Harvey, Sandy Denny, Susan Vega, Roy Harper and Bob Dylan along the way; Her father Kevin was well respected on the blues scene for his albums with Out Of The Blue; And her aunt managed Welsh psychedelic legends Man.

Despite this heritage Thorpe has shaped her own evocative sound. Sometimes wilfully naive, sometimes considered and precise – her choice of chords is particular and unusual and her finger-picking weaves a strange atmosphere – the likes of which you’d more likely find in a Lynch film or a novel by Bolano than in the sculpted folk of her inspirations. And like those who inspire her – Nick Cave, Patti Smith, William Blake, she loves to muse on nature & religion: God, the devil, good and evil, and like the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood she tries to tell it like it is – to reveal both the beauty and the devastation of life: Red Dust portrays human insignificance under darkening skies; Dinner For One traces the fading past of a destroyed relationship; You wouldn’t think that it took years for Thorpe to accept her own arresting voice and lyrical vision. Time well spent in distillation perhaps: This is music that is close to the source. These are songs, born of tradition, alive in the present day, revealing & fragile, executed spare and sharp.

The Listeners were f*cking brilliant last nightRichard Hawley

Alternately gentle and dramatic… like PJ Harvey pissed off, unplugged and wearing a kaftan.Music Mart

Stirring stuff…like Nico back from the grave for an autumn night’s campfire singalong, while their hushed mid-set tracks recall “Ocean of Noise” Arcade Fire.” This City




Idiot Son

Reticent would most probably best describe the Andy Thompson approach to live performance. Whilst his band IDIOT SON where conceived at the turn of the century, you could probably count on one hand the number of times they have been found outside of London and most probably on two within the City itself. Here they have graced the stage alongside Kurt Wagner, Wheat, the Webb Brothers, Cousteau, Mary Lorson, Cortney Tidwell, and most recently Band of Holy Joy.
The musical output is equally sporadic, one 7” single “Sunflowers” released in 2000, an album “Lummox” released in 2004 and the promise of a new album “Stibbington” for this year, these do have their champions for which Andy and IDIOT SON feel blessed and not a little humbled.

Lummox is my Number 8 of 2004. Most played on my i-pod too. Especially on long tube journeys when I’ve had to much red wine and I’m feeling wistfulGideon Coe BBCRadio6

Lummox’ was definitely the highlight of the year. It was a really good album, and definitely one that pulled me up straight. I thought that it was a really exciting recordPenny Black Music

Gone for Good, one of the sweetest songs ever to feature the line “piss, spittle, semen and beer,” probably best demonstrates Thompson’s lyrical ingenuityPixel Surgeon

Deep as DickensHuw Costin SpecialSoundUnit



Facebook Event page:


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On Sunday July 27th, WagonWheel Presents… in association with Neil McSweeney and Shakespeares brings two stages of live music to this year’s Tramlines festival. Upstairs in the Bard’s Bar will feature band sets from The Lucky Strikes, The Nøse, Mike Hughes, Grassoline, Paul Littlewood, Tomorrow We Sail and David J. Roch. The outdoor stage in the stable yard will include acoustic sets from David J. Roch, Quiet Loner, Ash Gray, M.G. Boulter, Neil McSweeney, Jacob Fletcher and Tom Baxendale. Live music begins at 3.30pm and entry to both stages is free!




From Leigh-On-Sea they’re carrying on the finest musical traditions of the Thames Delta, from initial forays in garage-blues towards an impressive melange of roots music and southern rock.



***THE NøSE*** 9pm


The Nøse sees Neil McSweeney bringing the noise with three piece band. Something more than a little different to his singer/songwriter show.



***MIKE HUGHES*** 8pm


Building on an amazing 2013 which saw him gain fans and radio play from the likes of Dermot O’Leary (BBC Radio 2), Mark Radcliffe (BBC Radio 2 & 6Music), and Cerys Matthews (BBC Radio 6music) as well as a nationwide tour supporting Miles Kane, new single ‘The Road’ cements Mike as one of 2014’s most promising new artists.



***GRASSOLINE*** 7pm


Chesterfield’s Grassoline play a bluegrass influenced brand of alt-country featuring guitar, double bass, fiddle, banjo and mandolin and sometimes more.





Paul Littlewood has a signature arrangement style, a way of doing songs. No fancy tricks, no production wizardry, just subtly changing low-key textures and a voice. Poignant and ethereal blues music.





Tomorrow We Sail is a group of seven musicians based in Leeds and Sheffield. Formed in 2009 they have spent time developing and honing their sound into what is now a vast landscape of reverb-soaked guitars, orchestral strings, piano, accordion and multi-layered vocals.



***DAVID J. ROCH*** 4pm Bard’s Bar (duo) 9.35pm Stable Yard (solo)


Whether on record or playing live, David effortlessly conveys emotional intensity using a voice which The Guardian says “can soar to ethereal heights as effortlessly as it plumbs red-raw depths” and in doing so he finds the perfect vehicle to expresses his deeply moving lyrics and stunning melodies.



***QUIET LONER*** 8.35pm


Quiet Loner is the pen-name of songwriter Matt Hill. Quiet Loner sings songs about love and fear, life and death, despair and hope. On a live stage Hill is an understated yet powerful performer delivering a show that is emotional, political, occasionally angry but nearly always gentle and human.



***ASH GRAY*** 7.35pm


Ash Gray has just released debut solo album Once I Got Burned after spending nigh-on twenty year career fronting The High-Class Family Butchers and Ash Gray & The Girls, or holding down the lead guitarist’s job in various rock bands in Austin and New York.



***M.G. BOULTER*** 6.35pm

Matt B

As well as being the singer & guitarist with The Lucky Strikes, M.G. Boulter has released various solo albums. As a player of an array of stringed instruments, he also worked alongside many other artists including Conor Oberst, Neil McSweeney, Duke and the King and Rosalie Deighton, while remaining a long standing member of the Simone Felice Group.



***NEIL McSWEENEY*** 5.35pm


Neil McSweeney is a songwriter and musician based in Sheffield. His acoustic guitar playing style combines folk, blues and country influences but it is his voice, likened by The Guardian to a male Tracy Chapman, and his direct and personal lyrics for which he is most recognised.



***TOM BAXENDALE*** 4.35pm


Tom Baxendale’s songs combine elements of alt. country, new wave, rockabilly, pre-Beatles pop and post-Dylan americana.



***JACOB FLETCHER*** 3.30pm


Previous album ‘All The Dead Roads To The Kingdom’ was written and recorded whilst travelling through Eastern Europe, Russia and the USA. The record draws heavily on influences from all of those places, from the bleak sad beautiful world of ‘Burn’ to the edgy chaotic rhythmic pulse of ‘Don’t Go Down’, the album’s recordings showcase Jacob’s haunting voice and interest in variations of mood dynamics & instrumentation.



Facebook Event page:


Last.Fm Event page:



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