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plenty of rain, a slight change of plan, but our Tramlines show at Shakespeares yesterday still delivered 14 great acts over 2 stages that all added up to 1 pretty damned fine day. Big thanks to Neil McSweeney, Ash Gray & Couch Fire, Mat Wale & Friends, Walton Hesse, Joe Solo, Anytown, The Janskys, Pete David (The Payroll Union), Robert Chaney, Pete Gow (Case Hardin), Richard Kitson, E.R. Thorpe, William Barstow, Blue Rooster and everybody that came along throughout a very busy day and made it a special one.

WagonWheel Presents… returns to action in our regular monthly Saturday slot at Shakespeares on August 29th when we’lll be in the company of King Quentin, The Sea Whores and The Ragged Edge. More details can be found on the Gigs page. We hope you can join us then.

Don’t forget you can keep up to date with the latest gig news on our Facebook page where you’ll also find a few more photos from yesterday.

WWP 26.07.15



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There is no tractor day in Sheffield. Instead we have an annual Otis Gibbs day. It works a little something like this. You bring your favourite Otis Gibbs to town. He’ll sing a few songs. Tell a few stories. Everybody has a mighty fine time. That’s pretty much how things went down at The Greystones last night. Thanks to all the nice folks that came along, Otis, and Adrian Bates for opening the show. Keep your eyes peeled for Otis Gibbs day 2016.

WagonWheel Presents… has got plenty more of the good stuff to come before then though. Not least the small matter of a 14 act Tramlines special at Shakespeares on Sunday July 26th. If you like the sound of hearing Neil McSweeney, Ash Gray & Couch Fire, Mat Wale & Friends, Walton Hesse, Joe Solo, Anytown, The Janskys, Pete David (The Payroll Union), Robert Chaney, Pete Gow (Case Hardin), Richard Kitson, E.R. Thorpe, William Barstow and Blue Rooster all for absolutely free, then take a look here for full details. The show will start at 3pm and you don’t need any fancy wristband, just bring your ears and enjoy. We’ll see you then?

WWP 15.07.15

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On Sunday July 26th, WagonWheel Presents… once again brings another great day of live music to Tramlines festival at Shakespeares. The show starts at 3pm and there’ll be performances from Neil McSweeney, Ash Gray & Couch Fire, Mat Wale & Friends, Walton Hesse, Anytown, The Janskys, Joe Solo, Pete David (The Payroll Union), Robert Chaney, Pete Gow (Case Hardin), E.R. Thorpe, William Barstow, Richard Kitson and Blue Rooster across the Bard’s Bar and Stable Yard stages. Entry is free! No wristband required.


***NEIL McSWEENEY*** : 10.15pm Bard’s Bar

Neil McSweeney

Neil McSweeney is a songwriter and musician based in Sheffield. His acoustic guitar playing style combines folk, blues and country influences but it is his voice, likened by The Guardian to a male Tracy Chapman, and his direct and personal lyrics for which he is most recognised.



***ASH GRAY & COUCH FIRE*** 8.55pm Bard’s Bar

Ash Gray

Born in the US to parents form Yorkshire, Gray first began to make inroads into the UK music scene when he assembled the Anglo-American ‘punk-grass’ band, the High-Class Family Butchers during a late-90s sojourn in London. Currently residing in the UK after releasing his latest album Once I Got Burned, tonight the Texas songwriter plays with his band Couch Fire.



***MAT WALE & FRIENDS*** 7.50pm Bard’s Bar

Mat Wale

The latest project from the prolific Mat Wale. Taking a stripped back approach from his work with Big Convoy and The Rackets, expect a more lo-fi country sound including fiddle and banjo.



***WALTON HESSE*** 6.45pm Bard’s Bar

Walton Hesse

Manchester’s Walton Hesse are a six-piece based around the ideas and DIY ethics of songwriter Matt Grayson, the band pull on influences from Steve Malkmus to Steve Reich. The result is a blend of country-tinged guitar pop and experimental noise; a nod to the likes of Beechwood Sparks or Ghost is Born-era Wilco.



***JOE SOLO*** 5.40pm Bard’s Bar

Joe Solo

Joe Solo’s musical odyssey began in 1987 fronting a bash-em-out band at school, and has seen him play in seven countries either as lynchpin of pop-punk upstarts Lithium Joe, or hammering out his unique brand of folk, punk and blues in his own right. Live, Solo has a growing reputation as both a performer and raconteur, being thought-provoking, comical and punch-the-air political often in the same breath. He is not an artist you forget in a hurry.



***ANYTOWN*** 4.35pm Bard’s Bar


Anytown feature members of Sheffield’s premier folk-rockers, Dead Like Harry, a band who have built a big reputation in recent years for their innate showmanship and rousing tunes. Exploring a more acoustic based folk sound, today sees Matt, Robin & Sam playing a trio set.



***THE JANSKYS*** 3.30pm Bard’s Bar

The Janskys

The Janskys began in 2007 and released debut LP When Silence Speaks as a full band. Drawing from influences such as Wilco, REM and Grandaddy; the songs feature sweeping guitar hooks and beautifully crafted harmonies. For the last year or so the band have been performing as a guitar duo.



***PETE DAVID (The Payroll Union)*** 9.30pm Stable Yard

Pete David

The Payroll Union are a four-piece Americana band with an obsession for American history. Inspired by country, rock ‘n’ roll and southern gothic, they formed in 2009. They recently released their second album Paris Of America. Tonight front man Pete David plays a solo set.



***ROBERT CHANEY*** 8.25pm Stable Yard

Robert Chaney

Robert Chaney is an American performing artist, heir to the songwriting tradition of Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, and Judee Sill. Cracked Picture Frames is his debut album released earlier this year to great acclaim.



***PETE GOW (Case Hardin)*** 7.20pm Stable Yard

Pete Gow

Case Hardin is all about the story and the telling of that story. Gow’s writing carries the weight of critical praise (‘aching lyrical genius’, ‘one of our foremost storytelling songwriters’) and today he plays a solo show ahead of the highly anticipated release of the fourth album later this year from one of the UK’s finest Americana acts.



***RICHARD KITSON*** 6.15pm Stable Yard

Richard Kitson

From a young age Sheffield born Richard Kitson immersed himself in the music that he loved; relentlessly emulating the sounds he heard on records from Bob Dylan to Big Bill Broonzy. Adopting a finger-picking style he unlocked a world of new potential in his personal playing; but also released a new depth of songwriting that has become a primary focus. Self taught by listening to the greats and with a deep sense of the tradition and craft of blues and folk, Richard is a musician’s musician – it all comes from the soul.



***E.R. THORPE*** 5.10pm Stable Yard

E.R. Thorpe

Having called time on The Listeners, E.R. Thorpe embarks on a fully solo career. Expect dark alternative folk tales. Revealing and fragile songs, executed spare and sharp.



***WILLIAM BARSTOW*** 4.05pm Stable Yard

William Barstow

William Barstow has recorded and played live throughout the country with former bands The Dead Delta and The Ruby Jacks. Throughout this period he complied a selection of bluesy folk songs that didn’t fit into the framework of a hardened rock band but require a more intimate and spacious setting.



***BLUE ROOSTER*** 3pm Stable Yard

Blue Rooster

Sheffield’s Blue Rooster offer a blend of original blues, country and rockabilly. A sometime duo, tonight main man Tom performs a solo set.



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On Wednesday October 16th, WagonWheel Presents… is delighted to welcome Eef Barzelay of American indie rock legends Clem Snide to Shakespeares. Set to release a brand new album later this year, Eef heads to the UK for a solo tour along with his fellow countryman Chris Otepka of The Heligoats who plays on these shores for the first time. Plus support comes from The Janskys. Advance tickets priced at £8 are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/225946 or entry on the night will be £10. Doors open 8pm.


Eef Barzelay

Although much admired by some of music’s biggest names, (Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Folds), and praised by the likes of NPR, the Onion AV Club, and Daytrotter, Clem Snide and it’s founder Eef Barzelay have managed to stay mostly below the radar for well over a decade.

After a brief flirtation with Seymor Stein’s Sire label they gently exploded unto the late nineties music scene with “Your Favorite Music”; A slow-paced and spare offering that mixed elemental forms of American music with a sonic palette of distressed cello, sampled field recording, and Eef Barzelay’s cracked voiced and left-of-center word play.

Soon there after, in the spring of 2001, the band released “The Ghost Of Fashion” on the now defunct SpinArt label which brought them tantalizingly close to mainstream success when the song “Moment in the Sun” was used as the opening theme for the hit NBC show “Ed”. Though plagued with inter band friction and general mismanagement the band made two more records and toured hard though out the US, UK, and Europe before finally calling it quits in 2005. At which point Eef Barzelay released a couple solo records and tried his hand at scoring movies, most notably the 2007 Sundance hit “Rocket Science”.

Resurrecting the band in 2009 with the darkly understated LP “Hungry Bird” Barzelay took another quixotic stab at sustained profitability within the music business. But as the old models were clearly not working and the industry itself was shrinking, if not imploding, Barzelay found him self will little support and a house going into foreclosure.

Refusing, and/or unable, to give up, and always looking for new and exciting ways to create and connect with his fellow human beings, he began reaching out to fans with an offer to write them a “personal song”, (which would be rendered in a simple home recorded solo acoustic fashion). To date he has written over 150 songs ranging from goofy children’s songs to dark meditations on death and love.

“Songs For Mary” is the Kickstarter-funded result of this collaboration with Eef and his fans. It’s 10 songs are a distillation of the melodies and lyrical themes that emerged from the process. It was produced by Eef and recorded and mixed by Mark Nevers (Calexico, Silver Jews, Lambchop) at the Beech House in Nashville, TN. Featured players are Tony Crow on piano, Ben Martin on drums, Jared Reynolds on bass. Along with Pete Finny on pedal steel and Mason Vickary on lap steel Eef Barzelay plays all the various guitars, ukuleles and organs and does all the singing.



Chris Otepka

At its heart, The Heligoats is Chris Otepka (vocals/guitar) and home to his wonderfully weird and diverse compositions. His distinct vocal style has been compared by SPIN Magazine as sounding “somewhat like Built To Spill’s Doug Martsch, but also like the Mountain Goat John Darnielle with his sincere and nasal voice.” His lyrical narratives have meanwhile been praised by NPR as “wise, wry observations on human emotions, science and the way things work. His songs are, more than anything else, the byproduct of an endlessly curious mind.”
It’s that restless and overactive spirit that has driven Otepka to establish The Heligoats as his own musical life journal (while of recent years also serving as a touring member of Clem Snide). Since 1998 it has been primarily a solo project with Otepka doing the majority of work and guests filling roles. However on latest recoed Back To The Ache, The Heligoats has become an ensemble piece with a set quartet adding and trans-mutating Otepka’s compositions. The result is as times rustic alt-folk tunes that expand into loose and layered indie-rock orchestra epics as well as a psychedelic and spacey sheens on intimate singer/songwriter material.



The Janskys

The story of the band which would later become known as The Janskys began in 2007. Since that time as a full band they have recorded their eponymous debut 6 track CD and spent over two years recording their debut full length offering When Silence Speaks which was released earlier this year. Since the summer of 2012 the band has also chosen to do some acoustic sets; this has showcased The Janskys’ ability to adapt and demonstrate the real strength of their songs.  With barely a cover in sight they hold captive even the most intimate of audiences.

Drawing from influences such as Wilco, The Stone Roses, REM,Grandaddy, Spiritualized and Doves; you get everything you expect and more from the twelve songs on their new recording.  The songs are instantly familiar with sweeping guitar hooks and beautifully crafted harmonies built on innovative rhythmic patterns, impossible to get out of your head for all the right reasons.  Honest music crafted by genuinely passionate musicians with soul, integrity and above all heart.

Tonight they play an acoustic set.

“A fine example of how slow and steady can win the race, I’m really glad that The Janskys took their time on this album because it has been fine tuned to production perfection.” Now Then Magazine


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