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nice little bonus edition of WagonWheel Presents… at Shakespeares last night. Top tunes from the Coma Girls, an excellent debut for Left Of Reckoning and the always entertaining The Man With The Screaming Brain. Thanks to them and you if you were there.

We’re back at Shakespeares on Saturday June 28th with an outdoor afternoon/early evening show featuring Boss Caine, Dave Woodcock, Blind River Scare, Dave Sleney, William Barstow and Colin Mounsey. Entry is free and the music starts around 2.30pm. Full details can be found here. We hope you can join us then.

WWP 06.06.14

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is now over. Last night saw The First World Problems Of Big Convoy unleashed at Shakespeares. Thanks to you if you were there to see it, and Big Convoy, The Clench and Stewis Olfo for three highly entertaining sets (and that really doesn’t cover it). You can check out the new record here.

WagonWheel Presents… returns to Shakespeares this coming Friday June 6th when we’ll be joined by Coma Girls, Left Of Reckoning and The Man With The Screaming Brain. Coma Girls will be performing songs from their just released debut album Your Enemies Are My Enemies. A full preview for this show is here. We hope you can join us then.

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On Friday June 6th, WagonWheel Presents… heads to Shakespeares with three more fantastic live acts lined up. Headlining will be Coma Girls, currently promoting the release of their debut album Your Enemies Are My Enemies. Joining them will be WagonWheel newcomer Mark Jones aka Left Of Reckoning, and it’s a welcome return for The Man With The Screaming Brain. Advance tickets priced at £3 are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/266199 or entry on the night will be £4. Doors open 8pm.



Coma Girls

Like all good stories, Coma Girls history is a healthy mixture of fact, half-truths and almost fiction.

It was summer ’96, Hickin, Mosley, and Reading sat listening to Oasis live at Knebworth, taped off the radio, drinking a couple of stubbies stolen from a stash Mosely’s dad used to keep in his garage.

Mosley suggested starting a band, 14 years later they made good on that promise.

It was the summer of 2012: They got together to knock about at the Tramlines festival, catch up and have some japes. Mosley, who had been a fully functioning pro drummer for some time had seen his beloved band, Tiny Dancers, break up, and various other projects turn his dreams of rock n’ roll stardom into a business like pursuit. Hickin had kicked around in various bands over the years, dreams of rock n’ roll stardom (albeit from a much further distance away) thwarted by erratic drummers and unpredictable singers.

The conversation got around to how none of the bands they saw were doing stuff you’d see on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Everybody seemed to be noodling around with Fisherprice keyboards, wearing knitted Christmas jumpers in the middle of summertime, and crucially nobody looked like they were having any fun.

As the sweet chimes of Tom Petty came ringing out over the P.A. they decided to start a band.

Roping Reading in on bass, despite him never playing bass before, was based on the rationalization that ‘if we’re gonna spend 4 hours in a practice room with someone, I want that someone to be David Reading’.

2 years of practising every Friday night after work (and occasionally and begrudgingly on a Wednesday night when they had a gig coming up) they worked on getting a batch of songs together they felt confident in sending out into the world. The result, Your Enemies Are My Enemies, is a rock n’ roll record for sure, produced by another childhood friend and bona fide record producer David Glover (Slow Club, The Hosts, CA Smith et al).

The band sincerely hopes you enjoy the album and get the chance to catch a show sometime.

The Coma Girls, our headliners for the night, are not girls in fact they are a bunch of fellas. Leading in with a very Rolling Stones sounding song about a train with added wooh wooohs it sounds like they’ve borrowed something from Sympathy from the Devil. As their set continues there’s a notable Americana influence from Neil Young, Tom Petty and even The Boss. It’s energetic, entertaining and a great end to a very enjoyable eveningCounterfeit Magazine




Left Of Reckoning

Described as “Billy Bragg through a West Yorkshire filter”, there’s also more than a hint of Dylanesque story telling to the songs of Mark Jones aka Left Of Reckoning.




The Man With The Screaming Brain

The Man With A Screaming Brain might not actually have a screaming brain, but he will have his ukulele in tow, singing the folk/punk songs he’s been bringing to South Yorkshire for the last few years and kicking the evening off in style.



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