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we enjoyed a fabulous night at WagonWheel Presents… in the company of Jeff Caudill, Boss Caine and Dave Sleney. Thanks to all including another great crowd. We’re back at The Greystones on August 20th, details of that show and everything else ahead this year can be found on the gigs page.

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Californian singer-songwriter, Jeff Caudill arrives shortly in the UK for his latest solo tour, including a date with WagonWheel Presents… at The Greystones on July 20th.

Hull based crime author Nick Quantrill ( http://www.hullcrimefiction.co.uk ) talks to him about the dates and his new record, ‘Always On’.

1) It’s been a while since you was last here in the UK. What’s been happening since the release of your solo debut album, “Here’s What You Should Do”?

I’ve been making plenty of music. I just haven’t had opportunities to tour. I’ve been releasing music on my own and keeping things pretty small. It’s rewarding and fun but it’s no way to build a career. After my second full length, ‘Try To Be Here’ and a weird little electro-pop project called Floormodel I started playing in rock band again – called Your Favorite Trainwreck. Last year we started recording a LP that is being mixed as I type. It’s been rewarding to be back with a proper band, and writing with other people. However, I also just wrapped up another solo record – revisiting Gameface’s  2000 album, ‘Always On’.


2) How much are you looking forward to this UK tour? What can audiences expect?

I’m really looking forward to these shows. I love playing the UK. It’s been so long I wonder if people still care about me. I’m gonna play it all! I figured it’s a good time to just reach back and play a little of everything that got me here. I’m sitting on a ton of material. It’s not all solid gold but I’ve done enough to be able to sift through it all and put together a good night of music.


3) In terms of new music, it seems to be all about ‘Always On’, your acoustic reimagining of your former band’s album. Given the volume of output from Gameface, what made you want to specifically revisit this record?

‘Always On’ is certainly not Gameface’s best record. At least I don’t think so. But it was a monumental one for me. I turned 30 that summer and wrote every word and just about every note in those 10 songs. It was a volatile time for the band and it very well could have, or should have been our last album. I felt like it would be an interesting project to go back and see how these songs have held up 10 years later.


4) How did you approach the project? The Gameface recording is a pretty loud punk record, where as the new version is populated with mandolins and all manner of instruments – was it a case of stripping them right back to just the acoustic guitar, as I assume they were written?

For most of the songs, it was about just picking up a guitar and strumming along, remembering chords and finding a new rhythm that felt good to me now. For others, it was tearing down and rebuilding everything. It was a really interesting project – changing a few keys and choosing some new instrumentation.


5) Did any of the songs surprise you doing the process? As a young punk rocker, I would imagine you were thinking differently back then in terms of structure and impact?

Yeah, definitely. I discovered some of these songs all over again. Some have a clearer meaning for me now than they did when they were first written.  I had to laugh a little bit. I sounded like I really had things figured out 10 years ago.


6) Be honest…was it tempting to rewrite history? Maybe rework a lyric here, a melody there? Were you tempted to leave any of the songs off?

Luckily there are only 10 songs to begin with ; ] I admit I did do a little embellishing lyrically – I didn’t rewrite, I just added some more reference to a few tunes. Just for fun. But I know what you mean. And I took some liberties in the melody department. I had to. I couldn’t just record the same song twice.


7) Have any of the original players heard the new recordings yet? What have they made of it?

I sent a copy to my old friend and original Gameface guitarist, Todd Trout. He seemed to give me his blessing. I know it’s a sensitive thing. It’s sometimes hard to be objective when you’ve lived so close to something for so long. I hope these versions don’t tarnish the sentiment of the originals for anyone. I hope they expand it.


8) How’s the rest of 2011 shaping up for you and your music?

It’s always a waiting game for me. Next up is finding a home for the Your Favorite Trainwreck album and more writing and playing out with them.


For more information, see www.jeffcaudill.com

To purchase ‘Always On’, see www.unlessyoutryrecords.com

Jeff plays:

London July 18th @ The Windmill, Brixton http://windmillbrixton.co.uk/
Oxford July 19th @ The Gloucester Armshttp://www.thegloucesterarms.com
Sheffield July 20th @ The Greystones (with support from Boss Caine and Dave Sleney) http://www.wagonwheelmedia.co.uk
Bolton July 22nd @ The Dog & Partridge http://www.liveatthedog.co.uk/
Cambridge July 28th @ The Portland Arms http://www.theportlandarms.co.uk

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at The Greystones last night. Matt Andersen was in fabulous form with wonderful support from Richard Kitson and Mat Wale. Thanks to everybody that came out and made it such a good crowd.

Our next show will be on Wednesday July 20th when we’re joined by Jeff Caudill, Boss Caine and Dave Sleney. Check out the Gigs page for ticket details and a full preview.


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We’ve a few more names added to our diary to tell you about.

In October it will be 5 years since the very first WagonWheel show, and we’ve a great night lined up to mark the occaision. On Monday 31st October at The Greystones we’ll be joined by Neil McSweeney and Pete David & The Payroll Union, as well as the previously mentioned Torn Sail.

Quiet Loner will be back with us on September 12th as one of the supports for the Chris Mills show.

Before that in August, our line up for the 20th will be completed by The Fontana Instincts. You can find the full lowdown on this show in our Forthcoming Gig Previews section.

Completing the bill for next month’s Jeff Caudill show will be local singer/songwriter Dave Sleney:

Before all that we’re at The Greystones next Wednesday when we’re joined by Matt Andersen with support from Richard Kitson and Mat Wale. The full preview for that gig can be found below.

Tickets details for all the above shows and more can be found over on the Gigs page.

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previews are now posted for the gigs with Matt Andersen + Richard Kitson on June 29th, and Jeff Caudill + Boss Caine on July 20th. You’ll find them by following the ‘Forthcoming Gig Previews’ link on the right, or via the Gigs page.

Also there you’ll see details for our next show on May 29th when we’re joined by The Clench, Garforth & Myers and Roaming Son.

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