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soul would have missed being at The Greystones last night. That was quite some show from Cale Tyson and his fine band, plus great support from The BearCats. Thanks to all who played and all you who helped fill the room out as well.

WagonWheel Presents… returns on Saturday May 28th when we’re joined at Shakespeares by Ash Gray & The Burners, The Kitson Trio and Chris Murphy & Boxer Genius. You can find full details for this show here. You really would be the fool of the year to miss this one too…

WWP 03.05.16

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and those that answered enjoyed another fine night in the company of Roger Davies and not least Adam Myers and Adrian Bates too. Thanks to them and those who came along to Shakespeares.

Next in the Bard’s Bar we Ash Gray & The Burners, The Kitson Trio and Chris Murphy & Boxer Genius. You can find all you need to know about this show here.

Before that though WagonWheel Presents… returns to The Greystones this coming Tuesday May 2nd for the return of Cale Tyson, the man described by Bob Harris as “this year’s major breakthrough artist”. Support comes from The BearCats. It’s all set for a great night. Full details for this show can be found here. We hope you can join us then.

Roger Davies 30.04.16

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but be under no illusion about how good the three bands were that joined us at Shakespeares last night. The first time in over 200 shows we’ve had an amp blow up on stage (i think?), and a first gig for KC Video who set the ball rolling for Chris Murphy & Boxer Genius and Stiv Cantarelli & The Silent Strangers. Big thanks to them and those few who came out to support quality live music.

The next WagonWheel Presents… show is on Saturday May 30th when we welcome back Roger Davies who headlined our very first night back in 2006. Joining him at Shakespeares will be Yellowcake and Mat Wale. A full preview for this show can be found here.

See you then maybe?

WWP 22.05.15

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about Cale Tyson is true. If you’ve heard nothing yet, make sure you put that right soon. Anybody that missed out last night, you’ve really no idea how much you missed out. Big thanks to Cale and sideman Pete Lindberg, Rob from Canyon Family and Luke Whittemore for a great night of live music at Shakespeares. Thanks to those of you who were there to enjoy it with us.

WagonWheel Presents… returns to the Bard’s Bar of Friday May 22nd and it promises to be something special again. We welcomes back the bluesy rock ‘n’ rollers from Italy, Stiv Cantarelli & The Silent Strangers. Support comes from Chris Murphy & Boxer Genius and KC Video. You can find a full preview here.

Maybe we’ll see you there?

WWP 06.05.15

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On Saturday May 28th, WagonWheel Presents… brings another fine triple bill to Shakespeares. This month we’re joined by Ash Gray & The Burners, The Kitson Trio and Chris Murphy & Boxer Genius. Advance tickets priced at £4 are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/357175 or entry on the night will be £5. Doors open 8pm.



Ash Gray

At long last Texas songwriter Ash Gray finally gets around to releasing his debut solo album. The title Once I Got Burned is hopefully not a comment on his nigh-on twenty year career fronting The High-Class Family Butchers and Ash Gray & The Girls, or holding down the lead guitarist’s job in various rock bands in Austin and New York. But it does see a shift away from the gypsy punkgrass of the Butchers and the psych-pop of The Girls as Ash turns in an album of stone Texas country-rock.

Born in the US to parents form Yorkshire, Gray first began to make inroads into the UK music scene when he assembled the Anglo-American ‘punk-grass’ band, the High-Class Family Butchers during a late-90s sojourn in London. Achieving notoriety (and not-inconsiderable airplay) with their back-porch covers of pop classics and guerrilla-gigging, the Butchers have continued over the years with a flexible line-up including members of Menlo Park, The Ralfe Band and folk poster-boy Seth Lakeman’s band. For a time they even included Harper ‘Son of Paul’ Simon, oddly enough.

Relocating to New York with short-lived hard rock throwback band Cycle Sluts From Hell, Gray began shifting gears after realising that his female guitarist KG was a great harmony singer who blended perfectly with his backing vocalist Helen. He formed Ash Gray & The Girls in late 2008 as an acoustic trio, with him on vocals and guitar and these two singers. After some fine-tuning and the occasional personnel-change, the band launched the album Born In The Summer with a four-night stand at SXSW in Austin in 2012. Returning to the UK at the end of 2013, Ash is currently residing in Sheffield, the land of his forefathers. The circle remains unbroken.

Tonight will be a band show with The Burners.

Consistently high quality and faultlessly performed.” **** R2 magazine

An excellent uplifting album that reaches back to the sounds of the summer of love but twists it enough deliver a set of tracks that are home in the present.” Beat Surrender




The Kitson Trio

After a hiatus of six years folk/blues singer-songwriter and guitarist Richard Kitson is returning to playing electric guitar and reforming his blues trio. It has been ten years since Kitson formed his first power trio, a format he prefers in a band situation after playing predominantly solo for so long. Bassist Chris Scarfe and drummer Steve Booth (both former members of the immensely popular band Mynas) dropped a few hints that it was time Kitson dusted of his strat and made some noise again.

Arguably Yorkshire’s finest rhythm section, Scarfe and Booth create the perfect foundation for Kitson’s guitar and songs. The trio already have live dates lined up for 2016, a year they also hope to get into the studio and record some new material.




Boxer Genius

Chris Murphy & Boxer Genius are a folk, alt-rock band from Sheffield. Originally formed by Murphy in 2004 (and recording under the name The Greenlovers), the band have garnered a reputation for a powerful, epic, folk-rock sound, but yet have won plaudits from fans of a wide variety of musical genres.

Fantastic feedback has always followed the guys around and following in the wake of the single ‘Brighton’ released in February 2008, and the success of the album ‘Another Reunion’ from which it was taken, Exposed magazine described them as “ridiculously accomplished” while the Sheffield Star labelled Murphy “a maker of epic songs and muscular ballads”.

After line up changes and departures, as of 2012 the four piece have been back to a full complement and in 2013 released latest album From Dark To Neon.



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