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a bad way to spend a Sunday, was it? Thanks to everybody that came out to our Tramlines show at Shakespeares yesterday. Was nice to see lots of faces around for most (and some for all) of the day. We’re pretty sure you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Big thanks of course as well to The Fargo Railroad Co., Stoney, The Payroll Union, Paul McClure, Walton Hesse, Tom Baxendale, Coma Girls, Boss Caine, The Ragged Edge, David Venn, The Clench, Bob Collum, The Sea Whores and Roaming Son for the fine entertainment. 2017 would have a lot to follow…

WagonWheel Presents… regular shows are here all year round though and we return to The Greystones on Wednesday August 3rd in the company of Curtis Eller’s American Circus. Those lovely Silver Darlings will be along to open the show too. You can find full details here. Maybe we’ll see you then too?

WWP Tramlines Gig Photo

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On Sunday July 24th, WagonWheel Presents… hosts our 4th annual Tramlines show at Shakespeares. Once again we’ll have live music across two stages starting from 3pm. Joining us in the Bard’s Bar will be The Fargo Railroad Co., The Payroll Union, Walton Hesse, Coma Girls, The Ragged Edge, The Clench and The Sea Whores, whilst the Stable Yard will see performances from Stoney, Paul McClure, Tom Baxendale, Boss Caine, David Venn, Bob Collum and Roaming Son who get the day under way with a rare acoustic set. Entry is free all day, no wristband required.


***THE FARGO RAILROAD CO.*** : 10.15pm Bard’s Bar


One of Sheffield’s hottest live acts with a glorious mix of Americana & Southern Rock.



***THE PAYROLL UNION*** : 8.55pm Bard’s Bar


Sheffield based Americana band with an obsession for American history, inspired by country, rock ‘n’ roll and southern gothic.



***WALTON HESSE*** : 7.50pm Bard’s Bar

Walton Hesse

Psychedelic Cosmic Alt-Country from Manchester, following last year’s duo show the full six piece band return to our Tramlines stage.



***COMA GIRLS*** : 6.45pm Bard’s Bar

Coma Girls

Like all good stories, Coma Girls history is a healthy mixture of fact, half-truths and almost fiction. Think Springsteen, Tom Petty, Baseball.



***THE RAGGED EDGE*** : 5.40pm Bard’s Bar

Ragged Edge

The Ragged Edge are singer/songwriter Tim Fletcher’s country/folk ensemble, adding lead guitar, cello and fiddle in to the mix of his solo/acoustic material.



***THE CLENCH*** : 4.35pm Bard’s Bar

The Clench

Cowboy tinged rock ‘n’ roll from Sheffield whiskey fuelled six piece.



***THE SEA WHORES*** : 3.30pm Bard’s Bar

Sea Whores

Cinematic musical landscape of old world folk and modern mysteries of love, lust and obsession.



***STONEY*** : 9.30pm Stable Yard


Alternative singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, usually found somewhere between Austin, Texas and Sheffield.



***PAUL McCLURE*** : 8.25pm Stable Yard

Paul McClure

The Rutland Troubadour, supreme story teller with songs full of brutally honest lyrics and wit.



***TOM BAXENDALE*** : 7.20pm Stable Yard

Tom Baxendale

Singer/songwriter with combined elements of alt-country, new wave, rockabilly, pre-Beatles pop and post-Dylan Americana.



***BOSS CAINE*** : 6.15pm Stable Yard

Boss Caine

‘Yorkshire Cowboy’ – Daniel Lucas, a man whose ‘voice makes Louis Armstrong sound kinda girly’.



***DAVID VENN*** : 5.10pm Stable Yard

David Venn

Electric singer/songwriter with a great Paul Westerberg/The Replacements vibe.



***BOB COLLUM*** : 4.05pm Stable Yard

Bob Collum

An American in London(ish) offering power pop influenceD Alt-Country.



***ROAMING SON*** : 3pm Stable Yard

Roaming Son

Sheffield’s 100% rock ‘n’ rollers offer something a little different with a rare acoustic set.



Facebook Event page:


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WagonWheel Presents… hit its double century at The Greystones last night. Thanks go to The Clench, Bob Collum & A Welfare Mother, Micky Denny and all those who were there to enjoy the fine music they made (especially those that came to listen…).

Show #201 is at Shakespeares on Saturday February 22nd with Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians (this will be a duo show), Joe Solo and Coma Girls. Full details can be found here.

The following day we’re back at The Greystones in the company of Chris Mills & The Distant Stars and Case Hardin. The preview for this show is here.

You can take a listen to what our remaining February shows will sound like here. Advance tickets for all our upcoming shows are available here.

Maybe we’ll see you there.

WWP 08.02.14


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had felt like a very long time since our last show, but Canyon Family, Big Convoy and Dirdsbead brought the good times back to WagonWheel Presents… at Shakespeares last night. Thanks to them and you if you were one of the many people that was there to enjoy it too.

Thankfully it’s now a small matter of less than two weeks until our next show. Joining us as The Greystones on Saturday February 8th for what will be the 200th WagonWheel show are The Clench, Bob Collum and Micky Denny. You can read the full preview for that one here.

We’ll be back at Shakespeares on Febraury 22nd with Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians, Joe Solo and Coma Girls. Details of that one are on the Gigs page along with everything else we currently have lined up for 2014. Maybe we’ll see you at one of those soon.

WWP 25.01.14


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the third time this month we enjoyed another top evening of live music at The Greystones last night. Big thanks to Bob Collum & his Welfare Mothers plus the equally marvellous Big Convoy and all those that were there to see it.

Next time out on Friday March 1st WagonWheel Presents… makes our first visit to Shakespeares of 2013 when we’ll be joined by Roaming Son, Tsar Nicholas III & The Exiles plus the Coma Girls. Full details can be found here. We’ll be back at The Greystones on March 8th.

WWP 23.02.13

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Otis Gibbs, Boss Caine, and those that made the effort to be there to see them made for a great night’s entertainment at The Greystones last night, thanks to all who were there.

WagonWheel Presents… returns to Greystones Road tomorrow night, Saturday February 21st, with a marvellous double bill of bands. From Tulsa, Oklahoma via the South of England, Bob Collum and his band The Welfare Mothers are joined by local favourites Big Convoy. Don’t miss. Full details can be found here.

WWP 21.02.13


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On Saturday February 23rd, WagonWheel Presents… welcomes Bob Collum and his band The Welfare Mothers to The Greystones. From Tulsa, Oklahoma via the South of England, Bob Collum is “kinda alt-country, rock & roll and a smidgen of folk with a potent dose of guilt, a dollop of sin and a drop of salvation”.  After more than two years since his last visit, Bob returns to Sheffield with latest critically acclaimed EP “The Ungrateful Depression”. Completing a fantastic double bill we have one of Sheffield’s finest new bands of 2012, Big Convoy. The alt-country ‘supergroup’ are set to follow up last year’s debut EP with their first album in early 2013. Advance tickets priced at £5 are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/191648 and over the bar at The Greystones. Entry on the night will be £6. Doors open 7.30pm for an 8pm start.


Bob Collum

Go West, young man, the cry went up of ages past. And they did. Except for one guy, who went East. And that’s Bob Collum, who in trading the prairies for the less fetching plains of Britain’s surly southeast has brought to these shores a tasty, tasteful taste of the music that both he and his native Tulsa, Oklahoma, call home.

In Tulsa, though, where everything is big as all outdoors – even indoors – nothing is done small, so on top of his power-pop influenced take on country music Bob has loaded, in a style akin to that of a pioneer with more cargo than wagon, about every last influence likely to be tried by a feller with a taste for audio adventure.

At the end of the 20th century millions of migrants swarmed America, looking for a better life, freedom, land, that kind of thing. Fast forward a hundred years and some change and one pilgrim name of Collum reverse the trend, arriving on Airstrip One just as the Millennium Bug bites and a troubled but excited world awaited a new hundred and got plenty: a reinvigorated B.C. bent on building upon the fantastic foundation of his first two albums and the formation of a new band.

In 2012, with his band, Bob & Co. – Marianne, Paul, Gareth and Allan to you – released the latest EP CD that will succeed and excel a series of cult hits that began with ‘97’s More Tragic Songs Of Life.

The Ungrateful Depression is a delightful, short collection of rootsy rock and country folk that should find favour with anyoneRhythm & Booze

five tracks of widescreen melancholy including the outstanding ‘Primer Grey’R2 Rock n Reel Magazine

Collum is a lyricist of note, and can turn his hand to heartbreak, pain, love and loss with equal facility, all the time while displaying his penchant for the slightly skewed view of things.Maverick Magazine

Anyone who wants to hear what Top 40 sounds like in a perfect world should pick up The Boy Most Likely Too… and turn it up!Being There

A turn of phrase to rank with Nick Lowe’s, and an instinct for hook and melody mean you’re thinking of the Byrd’s with a country edge to boot.Bucketfull Of Brains



Big Convoy

From the ashes of ‘Mat Wale & The Rackets’ and ‘Whiskey Cove’ comes Big Convoy, an alt. Country band five years in the making. Comprised of singer/ songwriters John Bachelor and Mat Wale and an all-star rhythm section courtesy of Thom ‘T-Bone’ Gill and Toby Evans.

If you would have walked into ‘The Green Room’ anytime in 2007, you could have found any number of these people playing songs and partying harder than any jobbing unsigned musicians had a right to. In 2012, with a lot of water under the bridge and whole lot of other stuff too, they finally come good on promises made and are in a band together, a year that also saw them release their self titled debut EP. A full length album is set to follow soon.


Facebook Event page:


Last.fm Event page:


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